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PCT is a full service Information Technology consulting firm for small-to-medium sized companies. We offer customized care and a single source for your technical needs. We analyze your business requirements, recommend the hardware and software that is right for you, and provide all the support you need.
PCT specializes in:
Computer Hardware and Software Networking and Security
PCT offers a complete line of computer hardware and software which makes us your best source for components to build or upgrade your computer. We are dedicated to providing the finest purchasing experience for all your computing needs.
PCT offers complete networking services for your business. Whether it is designing and implementing a new system or maintaining and troubleshooting your current system, we have the certified professionals who can take care of your needs so that you can focus on your business.
Internet Presence and Web Design Software Development
PCT provides all the services you need to take your business online. Whether it's a full-blown e-commerce site with all the trimmings or a site that markets your company, PCT has the knowledge and expertise to help transform your business. We will tailor your design to your unique needs and work with you to strategically target your customers.
PCT is in the forefront of delivering quality solutions to your ever growing IT needs. Whether it be existing or new technology, our staff is able to leverage between the two and provide you with a reliable "one stop" solution.
Outsourced IT Services  
Outsourcing key business functions is not a new concept. Traditionally companies have looked beyond their own resources to cost effectively obtain expertise outside their primary line of business. Now because of the increased dependence on technology, businesses see the importance of ongoing maintenance and strategic planning and are applying the concept of outsourcing to their technology infrastructure.
PCT can handle projects of any size and any level of complexity and deliver top-quality solutions for you at extremely low rates. Our developers work around the clock to deliver everything we commit for and posses a broad range of technical skills you can rely on for any solution you might need.
We invite you to explore our services offerings, technical knowledge and experience and learn more about how PCT can serve your company's needs.