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Internet Presence and Web Design
PCT provides all the services you need to take your business online. Whether it's a full-blown e-commerce site with all the trimmings or a site that markets your company, PCT has the knowledge and expertise to help transform your business. We will tailor your design to your unique needs and work with you to strategically target your customers.
Web Site Services
New Site: Don't have a presence on the web yet? We can create a new design that reflects your company's business and values and gets you noticed.
Redesign: Not satisfied with your current website? PCT will redesign your existing website with a fresh new look.
Maintenance: We can keep your website current so your clients will always have the latest information.
Website Strategy
Determine your objectives and goals. We will work with you to determine your goals for your website. Content is the substance of websites, but it must be presented in the correct context that will help your customers.
Investigate your business and competitors. We will learn your business so that your website will work for you and not the other way around.
Increased Fuctionality. Technology is good only if it serves a purpose. Having the latest technology is nice, but we want to improve your bottom line. To that end we will only make recommendations that speeds your business' growth, not slow it down.
Highly Scalability. We use technology that will be here in the future, not something that will need to be replaced a year or two. Therefore, we will design systems that are future-proof not something you will need to replace.