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Outsourced IT Services
Outsourcing key business functions is not a new concept. Traditionally companies have looked beyond their own resources to cost effectively obtain expertise outside their primary line of business. Now because of the increased dependence on technology, businesses see the importance of ongoing maintenance and strategic planning and are applying the concept of outsourcing to their technology infrastructure. PCT possesses a deep understanding of IT infrastructures.
PCT provides the ideal blend of services to meet the specific technology needs of small to mid-size businesses. PCT delivers an array of services such as ongoing network maintenance and support; strategic project planning and implementation; and remote management services.
PCT conducts review of client systems to ensure the technology investment matches the client’s planned growth and evolution. Our clients benefit from our services which make technology operations efficient and cost effective. PCT applies proprietary tools and approaches built on years of vast client experiences to deliver the benefits of technical expertise, vertical market competency, a deep knowledgebase, and high level customer service. Our service methodologies ensure results, reduce project time, and minimize business disruption.