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Software Development
PCT is in the forefront of delivering quality solutions to your ever growing IT needs. Whether it be existing or new technology, our staff is able to leverage between the two and provide you with a reliable "one stop" solution.
We have always maintained a strict policy of focusing on our clients specific needs in order to deliver the best cost effective solution. This is why we are able to dedicate individual consultants as well as entire project teams to you.
Our staff has the ability to provide expertise in the areas of distributed systems, software integration, Internet, Intranet, information management, and database applications. Below is a breakdown of the various areas of expertise our team is able to provide for you.
Distributed Applications
Client Server
Web Solutions
E-Business / E-Commerce Solutions
Numerous Programming Languages
Custom development solutions bring measurable improvement to your business performance. We are able to provide you with on or off-site assistance for development of client server and web based solutions. In all cases we adhere to a design philosophy outlined below:
When possible, create web-based intranet user interfaces. This immediately allows for enterprise-wide connectivity while minimizing distribution and maintenance costs.
Utilize integrated, transparent security to reduce application "start up" time for the user.
Design robust, resilient systems that continue to operate to the extent possible during network outages and that automatically recover after network/server failures.
Offer standard reporting options.
Reuse tried and tested code libraries as much as possible to reduce development and testing costs.
We strive to provide all our customers with the best solution possible. If you have specific needs that may have not been mentioned here, please contact us. I am sure we will be able to serve you.