About PCT

Pac Comm Technologies, Inc. (PCT) headquartered in Anaheim, California, is a full service Information Technology consultancy with an emphasis on custom business software development, network integration and related implementation services. We are dedicated to providing our clients with low-cost, high-quality solutions to IT challenges. By optimizing your technical infrastructure, PCT can streamline the way your company does business, keeping your focus where it belongs: on your trade, not your technology infrastructure.

Founded in 1994, PCT has assembled a team of software developers, network engineers, and graphic designers representing the best and brightest in the industry. PCT is organized as a professional service practice delivering fully-implemented solutions, tailored to a company’s specific needs, with responsive long-term support. Our staff of IT veterans have years of experience in computer networking and Internet technology, enabling us to make informed choices about the technical issues your company faces every day. Our methodology consists of thoroughly tested strategies and a hands-on, forward-thinking approach.

We have assisted clients in a wide variety of industries with widely varied budgets and resources for improving operations and achieving their business goals. We believe that this flexibility, and our personal high standard of service, sets us apart from other IT consultants.

We are proud that our clients say "PCT makes it happen."