Backup and Disaster Recover

Your data is the most important piece of information on your computers; it’s time to treat it that way. A full backup and recovery plan ensures that the documents your users are working on are saved and can be recovered at any time. Simply installing a tape backup drive in your server is not enough. A schedule must be setup and procedures established to ensure that your data is there even when your servers hard drives fail or in case of other disasters. It’s never a question of "if" with computers, it’s simply a matter of when.

We can install and configure RAID systems to ensure data integrity even with single hard drive failures in your servers. We can also setup and establish your tape backup procedures to ensure that your data is safe even though a disaster occurs. A good plan should allow you to recover any file on any day for at least the last month and also ensure that tapes are maintained offsite in case of disasters at the office. A good plan should also include test data recovery scenarios to ensure that the data backup procedures are working properly.