Case Studies


Since implementing the LIMS system, Calscience has increased their revenue 6 times while meeting the industry demands and the ever-growing changes of laws and procedures.

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Kopy Kat

We created a multi-tiered document management system to provide all users retrieve and exchange their highly sensitive documents on the Internet.

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Oliver Twist

We designed a simple and user friendly CRM program to meet Oliver Twist specific needs to serve their customers.

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Meter Man

We reengineered Meterman’s DOS based billing system by introducing them a new Windows environment. A self-install of the application has also rolled out to their clients as well.

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Cubic Science

We created an application on Cubic Science interactive math tutorial website to show the step by step solution of the math equations inquired by students.

We created an online classroom to allow communications between teachers and students in a chat room, all users in that classroom are able to view and write/draw on the white board.

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Home Field Financial

We created an automatic reporting system within the existing Loan Mortgage software to allow an administrator have full control to generate status reports for various users to monitor their progress.

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City of Yorba Linda, California

We customized a tracking system to allow the City of Yorba Linda track its utility problems.

We created a project management system to allow City of Yorba Linda monitor and track its budget allocations.

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